Friday, January 12

when i stopped and life didn't

i hurt u u hurt me

Sometimes you hurt me , so i hurt me just to hurt you.

Thursday, November 16

shut up shut up shut up and drink the coffee

Wednesday, November 15

Sweet revenge

Saturday, June 3

Broken Wings

I hate it when pain is what's shaping my personality ,
though it's the best .
I hate it when noone understands what i'm saying ,
though it's the usual .

Sunday, April 16

Monday, April 3

Read minds

What women want?? A nice comic movie that I personally like. But , the whole idea of being able to read people's mind is quite interesting. I mean if you had a chance like that,would you take it? Or if you had to choose only one person who would that be?Would you choose somebody you know or a total stranger?

Do people talk the way you hear them or do they exclude the swearing and cursing before saying the stuff out loud?? I wonder .

Well,I know I'd like reading others' minds . I'm tired of reading mine because I certainly don't understand much of it.

Friday, March 17

Nothing like a good friend .. :)